Curtail (v.): to reduce in extent or quantity; cut short.

Synonyms: reduce, decrease

Example Sentence: My county banned fireworks in order to curtail the frequency of brush fires.


Inimical (adj.): tending to obstruct or harm.

Synonyms: harmful, hurtful

Example Sentence: The massive climate conference in Paris is an attempt to decide on regulations that could ultimately reduce emissions that are inimical to the environment.


Dwindle (v.): to diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength.

Synonyms: decrease, reduce

Example Sentence: Google recently ensured its investors that the stock will not dwindle in the near future.


Taper (v.): to gradually decrease the intensity of something.

Synonyms: lessen,  decrease

Example Sentence: The San Francisco Giants most likely tapered during practice before the post season started.