Singe (v.): to burn something lightly or superficially.

Synonyms: scorch, sear

Example Sentence: During a lab in my chemistry class, the ends of a girl’s hair singed in the Bunsen Burner’s flame because she forgot to tie her back into a ponytail.


Ado (n.): unnecessary trouble or conflict.

Synonyms: commotion, bother

Example Sentence: There has been much ado about the new school lunches.



Superficial (adj.): at the surface or not penetrating below.

Synonyms: surface,  slight

Example Sentence: The sophomore’s superficial essay was the reason he received a “C.”


Convoluted (adj.): extremely complex and confusing.

Synonyms: complicated, elaborate

Example Sentence: Elinor’s convoluted conclusion paragraph restated the main purposes of the persuasive essay.


Waive (v.): to refrain from enforcing or to surrender.

Synonyms: abandon,  renounce

Example Sentence: The captain decided to waive his army and accept the opponent’s rule.


Curtail (v.): to reduce in extent or quantity; cut short.

Synonyms: reduce, decrease

Example Sentence: My county banned fireworks in order to curtail the frequency of brush fires.


Proscribe (v.): to forbid, usually by law.

Synonyms: ban, prohibit

Example Sentence: The law proscribes texting while driving because texting creates a distracting environment for the driver.


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