Get an SAT Word Text Sent to You by SMS Everyday!

A web service called IFTTT (If This Than That) makes it simple to notify you via text message about the new daily SAT word. IFTTT also enables you to automate many other interesting tasks. Follow these step below in order to receive SAT words and definitions through text messages.

1. Go to IFTTT and create an account.



2.  Click on the CREATE button at the top-right of the webpage.


3. Select THAT and scroll down to the orange rss FEED trigger. Click it.


4. Create a NEW FEED ITEM and type in or (they both work).


5. Click THEN and scoll down to select the green SMS trigger.


6. Type in your phone number and construct how the SMS should be formatted. I prefer the format in the screenshot.


7. Select CREATE RECIPE and you are done! A new SAT word will be sent to your phone everyday!


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