Proscribe (v.): to forbid, usually by law.

Synonyms: ban, prohibit

Example Sentence: The law proscribes texting while driving because texting creates a distracting environment for the driver.


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Variegated (adj.): showing multiple colors, especially in irregular patterns.

Synonyms: multicolored, rainbow

Example Sentence: The variegated flower blossoms were unique to the garden.


Tacit (adj.): understood or implied without being spoken.

Synonymsimplied, implicit

Example Sentence: Mia’s nodding was one of the many tacit indications that she agreed with her friend.


Panoply (n.): A complete or impressive collection of things.

Synonyms: array, range

Example Sentence: Robert had a full panoply of  ocean seashells in his display case.