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SAT Words Daily was created because we noticed that the internet lacked a reliable, daily SAT words feed that could be manipulated for modular use. There is no difficulty in finding services that text, email, or tweet you daily SAT words, but these services are limited and problematic. For example, if you subscribe to the College Board’s daily SAT word SMS service, the text arrives as a ugly link to there webpage with no SAT word directly in the text. Furthermore, the e-mail services act the same way by giving you a link to another webpage.

SAT Words Daily’s mission is to simplify our user’s learning by providing a reliable, manipulative RSS feed of SAT words. This lets our users receive texts and e-mails with actual SAT words and definitions, not links. This also enables our users to receive SAT words through their twitter feed or Feedly accounts. SAT Words Daily is the best daily SAT word provider due to our simplistic, reliable, and manipulative design!

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